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Driving Innovation Shell

The 5,000-watt solar array on the roof of the trailer charges the main 48-volt battery on the tractor. The battery charger supplies air conditioning and an inverter for 120-volt cargo spaces. Turning the DC-DC converter into a 12-volt in-cab converter will power the truck's normal loads, such as lights, wipers, blower motors, gauges and other electrical components.
Despite far-from-perfect road and weather conditions, the drive itself was a success. Starship attained 178.4 ton-miles per gallon, nearly a 2.5 times improvement over the North America average freight ton efficiency of 72 ton-miles per gallon for trucks.
Freight tonnage is more important than the miles per gallon for the carriage of goods by road, because it combines the weight of the cargo carried and the amount of fuel consumed. For the entire route, which included very different roads, weather and off-road conditions, the truck's overall average fuel consumption was 8.94 miles per gallon compared to the average truck fuel consumption of 6.4 miles per gallon. The best fuel economy while driving was 10.2 miles per gallon.
■ 48-volt primary battery

■ Dual conductor 48-volt / 12-volt electrical system

■ 48-volt alternator

■ 6000-watt inverter / battery charger

■ Dual 48-volt primary and secondary A / C system

■ 48-volt 12-volt dc converter

■ 12 volt supercapacitor for starting the engine

■ Complete digital swivel screen system

■ All LED illumination