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Roofs BIPV


In rooftops applications, PV material replaces roofing material or, in some cases, the roof itself. Some companies offer an integrated, single-piece solar rooftop made with laminated glass; others offer solar “shingles” which can be mounted in place of regular roof shingles.
Integrated PV panels are used as a whole instead of only the mounting system, as waterproof layer, improving aesthetics and lowering costs. Due to the impending nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) regulations in European countries all new built houses need some form of PV on their roof. It is expected that the market for roof integrated solutions is to experience a strong surge and new concepts to further lower costs and increase building speeds are essential to accommodate this surge. So residential new built housing projects in several EU countries will want to use the prefab building method as well, further increasing the market potential.


Roof integrated PV:

  • Crystalline panels
  • Tiles
  • Design Crystalline panels

Full Roof integrated PV

  • Crystalline panels
  • Tiles
  • Prefabricated Crystalline
  • Panels
  • Prefabricated Thin-film Panels

Hanergy video (thin-film panels):

Hanergy video (tiles):