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Technical features of TIPV Hanergy panels

  • Improved shading performance - every two bypass solar panels provide maximum shade power
  • Lightweight – Hanergy FLEX modules weigh less than 2.4 kg/m2
  • Powerful - With aperture efficiency of up to 18.3%, you get the most power possible in a flexible and lightweight module
  • Flexible - Size can be modified to fit application
  • Multi-voltage configurations for the needs of various solar charging applications
  • Windproof - FLEX modules are tested on winds up to 300 kmph and provide the same wind resistance as the vehicle structure itself
  • Shatter-proof - FLEX modules will not break when struck by waste, making them resistant to road conditions and vandalism
  • 10/25 year energy loss warranty
  • Easy installation (app. 6 hours), no penetration, ballast or stands required. They bind directly to approved surfaces
  • Easy to maintain system
  • Optimized module sizes and layouts for different truck types and sizes
  • Generate electricity even in bad weather conditions - cloudy and rain