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Solutions for transportation and logistics companies

BIPVCOM modern transport solar solutions

Solar energy projects have been intensively developing in recent years and have already become commonplace in the energy, industry and household sectors.

Together with Hanergy, we have examined the use of flexible panels in the transport and logistics segment.

About TIPV

The idea of using solar panels on vehicles is not new. A big role in its promotion was played by American equipment developers, as well as American and Canadian transport companies, who were interested in solar panels and agreed to install them in their freight parks. First of all, it is about freight.
Currently, more and more European transport companies are also seriously considering using TIPV.

The development of thin-film panels with excellent technical and operational characteristics made it easier to mount and extend their use in various kinds of transport.
Standard Solar Kit for TIPV includes: flexible thin-film panels, solar charge controller, circuit breaker, wiring cables, mounting system and installation manual.

Solar Kit Power varies from 125W to 5000W and is customized to the particular vehicle energy consumption. The smart charge controller ensures that all of the power generated by the solar modules is utilized and provides overcharge and undercharge protection.


TIPV Solutions

Trailers and Trucks Applicable to Hanergy Thin Film panels


TIPV,  main benefits of solar solutions

Maintaining batteries and increasing their battery life

The main function of solar panels is to maintain the trailer batteries at a higher average charge compared to just charging with a tractor alternator or cooling unit. The cost savings of using solar panels are mainly related to increasing battery life and reducing emergency calls along the road to jump or repair dead batteries.

Solar panels provide:

• Reducing battery discharge depth
• Extend battery life by up to 200 percent
• Reducing starting loads and reduce normal electrical load on the alternator
• Reducing the cost of roadside assistance to start jumping
• Practically solves the problem of dead batteries (practically no dead-batteries cases)
• Optimized MPPT controller for maximizing solar power (Amp / Ur) supplied on a battery
• Reducing the number of battery replacements
Reducing operating and management costs
• Reducing the frequency of replacement of expensive DPFs (diesel particulate filters), oils and engine overhaul
• Up to 50% extra running time for smart HVAC systems
• Up to 50% extra lift cycles
• Minimizing idle engines
• Get Ready - Standby uses solar power without starting the engine
• Reduce frequency of scheduled engine maintenance
• Off-load Alternator Loads - Use solar power to provide off-load electrical power
Increasing fuel savings
• Fuel consumption reduced by 5%
• Extending the availability of idle-free power
• They add up to 10 hours of running time
• Relieve alternator load
• Solar energy instead of fuel to power auxiliary systems such as HVAC*, safety lighting and elevator operation
• Powering the ice removal system - remove ice from a solar truck instead of fuel

*HVAC - heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Driver comfort
• Provides adequate auxiliary power for various electrical appliances. Solar can also allow drivers to carry some hotel loads (microwave, TV, AC), including battery-powered HVAC systems, at idle while at rest.
• Solar can allow the refrigerator to remain on when the vehicle is not in use. For drivers, this is especially valuable as they remove the unloading and reloading of the refrigerator during reset and on weekends.
• The benefits of using solar energy to keep your refrigerators running and prevent downtime (and thus lost miles) waiting to start can be helpful in retaining and finding new drivers. HVAC solar and battery systems together can reduce engine downtime and thus increase the potential for driver bonuses.
• Using clean solar energy instead of fuel reduces emissions, helping drivers comply with environmental regulations.
Owners' satisfaction
• Emission Reduction - Using clean solar energy instead of fuel reduces emissions, helping owners to comply with environmental regulations
• Reduce vehicle downtime
• Excellent return investment numbers. Repayment in less than two years
• "Free" energy for 10 years or more
• Lower cost of finding and retaining drivers

Payback period example

BIPVCOM offers vehicle owners extraordinary investment performance parameters with a payback period of less than two years.

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