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BIPVCOM offers modern solar solution for the transport and logistics segment

  • Solar energy projects have been intensively developing in recent years and have already become commonplace in the energy, industry and household sectors.
  • Together with Hanergy, we have examined the use of flexible panels in the transport and logistics segment.
  • We identified the main issues associated with truck operations, prepared special offers for cost optimization through solar solutions and calculated the efficiency of investments.
  • We have identified the basic types of transportation vehicles for the installation of solar panels and the impact of solar investments on labour productivity and driver satisfaction.
  • We have also shown that our decisions are in line with current legal and environmental European initiatives.
  • All this has led us to TIPV - Transport Integrated Photovoltaics solutions.

Matching with current trends in the transport and logistics segment

Solar solutions in transport match perfectly with sustainability policies and environmental protection.

  • Idle laws - Many municipalities have laws that prohibit idling for engines
  • Noise Restrictions - Municipalities also have noise regulations that prohibit free work at certain hours
  • Carbon Reduction - Using clean solar energy instead of fuel reduces emissions, helping drivers comply with environmental regulations to meet corporate carbon footprint
  • Reducing fuel consumption. Fuel is required to drive electronics in the vehicle - 2.3 l/h of diesel is typically for an idle engine. Air conditioning, refrigeration, etc., demand more
  • Fuel is required to power vehicle electronics—.6 gal/hr of gas is typical to idle the engine. Air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. require even more